Manuel Plaickner

Southtyrolean wildlifephotographer


- Born in 1982 in Bressanone

- Living in Varna, Italia (BZ)

- Various awards in international photo competitions and various pubblications in books and magazines


„I was born in 1982 in Brixen, South-Tyrol, and there I grew up. Now I'm living with my family in a village nearby and I'm working in a managerial accounting department.

My great passion of nature photography started underwater and only later I developed the same passion outside the water. 

Since several years I dedicate my great passion to the local nature of South-Tyrol/Dolomites, with the main focus on wildlife- and landscapephotography.

In my work I want to present the nature in its inviolacy and as much as possible aesthetic and artful. I have got a deep relation with my local nature and often I dedicate to a theme many hours, days, months and even years.

The peace and loneliness I find outside in nature opens to me another world. This world is only dominated by the rhythm of the weather and seasons where I can escape daily hustle and find my interior balance and happiness.“